Lip Balm

Currently I only provide one flavor of lip balm, which is Sweet Mint. Its a refreshing sweet spearmint that provides just the right amount of tingle to your lips.


Available scents are always changing throughout the season. One week they will be there but they could be gone the next.

Almond - smooth, crisp nutty aroma of warm almonds

Energy - an awakening blend of grapefruit, lemon and limes with a touch of pineapple

Sweet Milk & Honey - warmed milk with a bit of honey

Lavender Chamomile - soft and sweet, with top notes of lavender and warming chamomile with a hint of cedarwood

Beach Escape - sweet coconut milk, with mandarin orange and red current

Karma - dark jasmine, geranium mixed with a smokey sandalwood and pine

Rosy Apple - combination of Granny Smith apples and delicate rose blossoms

Black Lavender - rustic Amber mixed with Parisian lavender

English Rose - light English rose 

Zucchini Flower - sweet zucchini, with notes of carrots and freshly cut grass

Sweet Tomato Leaf - garden fresh tomato warmed by the sun, earthy scent

Vanilla Oak - warmed oak with soft amber, patchouli and creamy vanilla

Crisp Cotton - super clean, freshly done laundry

Fresh Bamboo - clean scent of crisp jungle leafs in a damp rain forest

Spearmint Eucalyptus - warm spearmint with refreshing eucalyptus, great for relaxation

Pumpkin Pie - spicy pumpkin with butter and vanilla tones

Apple Cider - Combination of fresh apples with a hint of orange, slow roasting with spices of cinnamon, nutmeg and clove

Red Apple - subtle sweetness of a mackintosh apple

Unscented - no additional scent added, just the mixture of goats milk and extra honey

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